About us

We are "Marten Project Company - MPC" - architectural studio established in 2010.

Our team provides complex solutions, covering all stages of investment design, including feasibility studies and consultations, development of conceptual, technical and operational phase, as well as assistance with getting all necessary documents, until obtaining a building permit.

Our specialists

We collaborate with a highly qualified and experienced team of specialists who will assist you with the preparation and implementation of your project.

All architects and engineers we are working with are members of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and the Chamber of Engineers in investment design, and their excellent results in the design of residential and public buildings, as well as their participation in the construction of iconic buildings and other specific and large-scale projects, are proof of their professionalism.


Owner and SEO

Architect Martin Terziev

  • Member of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria with number 04321

  • Member of the Paris Chamber of Architects in France with number 078938.



Project Manager

Mina Yovcheva


arch. Maria Bozhanova


eng. Dobri Kotev


arch. Teodora Kostova


arch. Emiliya Staykova

Main advantages of
architectural Studio "Marten Project Company - MPC":

  • 1 We precisely identify the goals and find the best solutions according to the specifics of the case, applying an individual approach to each and every project.
  • 2 We are partnering with distinguished manufacturers and executors in all areas of construction, which allows the implementation of innovative solutions, technologies and construction systems at every opportunity.
  • 3 Our team is involved in all phases of project implementation - from concept creation, to getting the building permit.

Our mission

Ars longa vita brevis.

Our team’s vision is based on validated values ​​embedded in the nature of architecture as a combination of art and science.

We are focused on the common idea of ​​building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and professionalism, establishing ourselves as a reliable and recognizable partner.