“Marten Project Company - MPC” offer a full range of services:

  • Design of residential, public and administrative buildings

    Conceptual, technical and working designs as per parts:


    Part Structures, structural opinion

    Geodesy: vertical planning and tracing plan

    Water Supply and Sewerage



    Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency report

    Public Works and Landscaping


    Geological report

    Temporary Organization of the Traffic

    Waste Management Plan

    Safety and Health Plan

    Fire Safety

  • Consulting services

    Consulting upon selection of a property for the purpose of purchase.
    Preparation of a complete analysis of the property with all its actual positive and negative features:

    - For plots and landed properties upon construction:

    Analysis of the potential for construction as per the effective development plans
    Clarification and preparation of a design assignment and a building program
    Preparation of a conceptual proposal.

    - For existing buildings, parts of buildings and premises:

    Complex assessment: functional, public utilities, economic aspects
    Potential for reconstruction, building an annex and upgrading, structural condition
    Interior, functional, construction and technical solutions
    Potential for partition, differentiation and changing the intended function
    Surveying for the purposes of purchase and sale, identification number, legalization

    - Preparation of opinions, motivated proposals, detailed development plan, working development plan, design visa

  • Interior designs

    Preparation of interior designs:

    Planning of floorings
    Wall views
    Soffit (ceiling plan)
    Specification of materials
    Furniture design
    Selection of furniture
    Lighting design
    Selection of materials
    Manual drawings
    3D visualizations

  • Preparation of 3D visualizations

    Preparation of 3D visualizations of any design that needs to be presented in an easy-to-understand form. This enables you to experiment with different ideas and to find out which one is the most suitable for you.

    Preparation of 3D visualizations to enable you to realize your idea.

  • Preparation of urban planning, geodetic surveys

    Consulting and preparation of a detailed development plan, a working development plan and geodetic surveys:

    - Geodetic survey for design of buildings and facilities

    - Preparation of a detailed development plan

    - Preparation of a working development plan

    - Preparation of a regulation and construction plan

    - Preparation of vertical planning and tracing plan for investment designs

    - Preparation of a combined drawing for a motivated proposal and for a design visa

    - Regulation of landed property for construction purposes

  • Preparation of designs for sidewalk access, advertising facilities and billboards

    Advertising designs as per parts: Architecture, Design, Structures, Wiring, Fire Safety, etc.

    - advertising elements, information boards and company names on buildings;
    - independent advertising facilities;
    - mobile facilities.

    Design and manufacturing of mobile facilities for:

    - outdoor trading, kiosks for food and beverages;
    - placing mobile facilities in front of stationary shops, stalls for food and other goods, refrigerators;
    - placing tables and chairs for outdoor use, podiums;

    Placement schemes

  • Feasibility studies

    A feasibility study is a special study prior to commencing a large-scale project, which aims to identify and document to what extent the realization of the project is justified. The results of this study shall be submitted in the form of a report, on the basis of which specific decisions shall be made on the realization of the investment design or the termination of the work thereunder. If the project has good prospects for realization, the feasibility study evaluates the chances of success and prepares potential alternatives and the approach thereto.

    Feasibility studies include:

    - Determining the location of the site
    - Building conditions as per the effective development plans
    - Engineering surveys such as: geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical, etc.
    - Geodetic surveys
    - Technological surveys
    - Economic evaluation
    - Surveys at existing buildings
    - Transport and public utilities analysis